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Cruising Croatia — 3 Comments

  1. So loved seeing your shots of the “other” Croatia! We loved our one day inland on the Danube on our way to Budapest. Very different experience, seeing all the homes and buildings still bearing the terrible wounds of the 1990’s. My heart bled for Croatia. SO many of its citizens have left for work in other countries. Tourism on the coast is alive and well, while the rest of the nation suffers. Sad. That said, I would LOVE to do your trip, too!

    • They are spending a lot of money in the places we have visited so far. Buildings are being repaired. Our cruise director said they are building 10-14 boats like this one per year. He didn’t know how long that would last, but would go on for the next 2 or 3 years. This vacation is nothing like any we’ve taken. It’s at a very relaxed pace and we are seing lovely out-of-the-way places and leaving some cash in each place.

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