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Back to Teslin — 5 Comments

  1. Glad you made it through the worst construction areas without drama. If you’re headed down 97, you’ll find better weather as you roll down BC and AB. Sunny days are ahead!!
    Check your tires over good before you roll out today. It’s easy to pick up a nail in those construction areas.
    Too bad about your lunch mate. Alaska is beautiful, even in the rain, but I can understand not wanting to ride in it. Sounds like he was not prepared for the weather conditions. He must have thought you were crazy, if you told him where you’ve been on this trip…

    • Three guys from California on GSs are camped next to me. They are headed for Denali and Anchorage. They asked me about availability of gas. They didn’t know about the hot springs. Didn’t know about the Destruction Bay construction. Seems a lot of people are just driving up.

  2. What miserable weather! That’s why we moved from Vancouver WA to Florida!

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