Closer to Home and Another 49th State

This morning the Road Glide flag greeted my brother, Steven, and me on the deck of his home. My sister-in-law, Sue Anne, recorded the event.


Since riding through a corner of South Dakota, I’ve been going through previous trips in my mind to figure out what states I’ve ridden my Road Glide in. I’ve ridden in all 49 states – some of them were on my Super Glide. The Road Glide, however, hadn’t been to Minnesota or Wisconsin, but I picked them up on the way to Illinois.

As far as I can remember, I hadn’t ridden the RG in Ohio. So this morning I took a left turn at Kankakee and a few hours later snapped the picture above of the Ohio welcome sign. That means I’ve ridden this bike to 49 states and DC.

The side trip lengthened my day a little bit. I covered 782 miles to get to just south of Atlanta. I’ll be home tomorrow.